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How Modern Technology impacts BPO

The industry of BPO is gradually expanding its horizons and opening up to newer technologies. The sector has been evolving from being a mere support service provider to handling the entire end-to-end process in a company.

Modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Unified Communications, Cloud Communications, Data Analysis & more have the potential to uplift the performance of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services.

BPO companies know this & almost all the BPO service providers are now reforming BPO services to combine with modern technologies to deliver better outcomes.

Let’s have a deeper understanding of how modern technologies can be implemented for BPO services to deliver better results.

Below are the few technology advancements that can join forces with BPO services:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Unified Communications
  3. Cloud Systems and Communications
  4. Big Data & Data Analytics
  5. Automation with Vocal Recognition

1. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence has created a paradigm shift in almost all industries, and the BPO sector is no exception. The consolidation of Artificial Intelligence in the BPO sector has been proved to make processes more efficient and effective.

With a plethora of use-cases, leveraging AI enables BPO services to be far more efficient and cost-effective for businesses. For context, AI can be used for BPO processes that involve financial & account management, vocal recognition in customer service, analysing big data for decision making and a lot more.

2. Unified Communication:

Unified communication is a cloud-delivered data exchange and communication model. It is capable of handling six types of communications namely Telephones, Meetings (audio/video/web), Unified Messaging, Instant messaging and presence (personal and team), Voicemails & Communications-enabled business processes.

Unified communication as a Service (UCaaS) operates from a central hub enabling SMBs to manage their complete communication from a single location.

With the support of UCaaS, businesses will not need to hire a full time IT support staff and set up huge IT infrastructure for internal and external communications making it cost-effective.

3. Cloud based platforms:

Cloud-based platforms are one of the top impact makers for the BPO industry. Cloud-based platforms combined with AI has changed the traditional call centre based BPOs to cloud and IT-based BPO resulting in better customer services.

BPO companies also don’t have to setup cost heavy data storage centres. Cloud storage can ensure the highest level of security for data storage. The flexibility of storage needs, easy accessibility, and reduced costs are some of the main benefits of having a cloud-based platform for data storage.

4. Big Data Analytics:

The importance of data and its management has been increasing over time. The scope of augmentation for BPO services with big data and analytics is gigantic. For starters, Consumer data can be constantly collected and can be used to improvise the customer service experiences.

Sensitive business decisions can make or break a business. Data analytics helps extract accurate & fruitful insights from market research and surveys, business sales data or financial information of a business. Logically backed and accurately analysed data can drastically bring down the chances of improper decision making.

5. Automation: Vocal Recognition, Smart chatbots, and more

We are used to accomplishing everything with just a few clicks in 2022. The same should also be made true for all the BPO services.

Smart automation can help save a customer’s time, your time, and bring down the costs while doing so.

For example, smart chatbots can be implemented to provide a better customer experience and cut down the waiting time for query resolutions on call. Smart AI-enabled platforms like sAIfety.ai can act as a safety management platform as well as provide post-sales support to your customers too.

Due to the impact of technology, we had seen a lot of paradigm shifts across various industries and this will continue to evolve as time passes.

A few years down the line, more advanced technologies will find their way to the market to create a better experience for customers and businesses.

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