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4 Signs that your business needs a custom software

Digital transformation is the need of the hour for businesses in today’s small and internet-dependent world. According to a report, companies spent a whopping amount of $1.5 trillion globally for digital transformation in 2021.

In a rush for digital transformation, many businesses either use off-the-shelf software or build custom software. Opting for which way to go is a critical decision, and this article ensures that you don’t choose the wrong option during the digital transformation of your business.

So, look at signs that your business is asking for custom software. But before that, let’s understand what custom software is.

What is custom software?

Off-the-shelf software and solutions can undoubtedly drive the leading areas of your business. However, these tend to be inflexible as it dictates how your company operates. On the other hand, custom software is tailor-made, only keeping your business and its operation in focus.

Custom software gives you the flexibility to scale, the highest level of security standards, excellent user experience, and much more. Let’s look at some signs that might be telling you that your business needs custom software.

1. Your business is unique

As the business grows, it develops unique systems and processes over time. At certain levels, it outgrows the generic standards set by the average industry accounted to make off-the-shelf software. If you keep using off-the-shelf software, the software will dictate how your business will operate, which shouldn’t happen.

Your business should dictate the terms and functionalities of the software. The custom software serves this purpose as it is built and tailored with only your business in focus.

2. Your business is scaling rapidly

If your business is scaling, it is showing signs of growth. In such scenarios, you don’t want your competitors to have an advantage. Implementing custom software for your business that can assist from operations areas to customer service departments is a highly competitive advantage any company can have.

Moreover, as the user base for your business needs to increase, subscriptions for off-the-shelf software will be extremely expensive compared to the one-time investment in custom software.

3. Security of organisational data is of utmost priority for you

With the increasing business value, the value of your organisation also increases. After a particular business stage, organisational data security is sacred for business owners. Any leaks in administrative data can cost the business a fortune.

Custom software is built with the highest security level possible. Custom software also allows you to store your data wherever you want. It can be a local or private cloud server, with complete ownership assigned to you.

On top of this, specific business certifications also demand high-level data security standards. Having custom software can make your way easier to get those certifications as well.

4. Managers are always in turmoil due to tons of files and reports

Do you feel your transparency over complete business operations is going away as you grow? Do the managers at different levels lack awareness and information when needed? Do you feel there are communication gaps and a lack of collaborative work between various departments? These are good signs for business growth. It shows that team are growing.

But there are bad signs for sustainability. To sustain the growth, you must implement custom software designed to suit your business needs and operations. Custom software can help ease the cross-functions between different departments. It can give all the managers needed information anywhere on any device.

Suppose you are a business owner and see such signs in your business. In that case, you should start searching for custom software solution partners right now. Check our MSBC Group , and contact us anytime for your custom software needs.

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