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Essential modules in a Custom Manufacturing Software

Manufacturing businesses are the most evolved yet complex businesses. To run an efficient manufacturing business, many smaller parts and processes must work simultaneously in extreme synchronisation.

Suppose there are any inefficiencies in any smaller processes. In that case, it will translate to a considerable cost overhead or efficiency gap in the overall business output. So what are the solutions to this?

Implementing custom software solutions for manufacturing to automate, supervise, and evaluate every operation in the manufacturing business can be a profound solution. While a lot of manufacturing business owners are aware of how impactful software solutions are for their companies. They do make mistakes while leveraging the power of custom software.

In this article, we have listed all the modules that custom software for a manufacturing business must have:

  1. 1. Enterprise resource planning module

    The Enterprise resource planning (ERP) module is a holistic business management module. ERP module equips the managers and business owners with a central dashboard to look at the day-to-day tasks from anywhere in real-time. ERP systems can manage operations, including production, accounting, procurement, project management, compliance, supply chain monitoring, and more.

    ERP systems help reduce the overall cost of manufacturing businesses by increasing efficiency and reducing the waste of resources and time. ERP module also accumulates historical data, which helps business owners make informed decisions.

  2. 2. Product lifecycle management module

    The product lifecycle management module can enable all the stakeholders to transparently look through the microdata of the complete product lifecycle in real time. The product lifecycle management module acts as a centralised system to go through all the product information from the initial raw material requirement to the last distribution phase.

    On top of this, if a product lifecycle management module is custom-made for your business and your product line, you have to look no further for any product management.

  3. 3. Inventory management module

    Sourcing raw materials for a manufacturing business is a game of optimisation. The same applies to production capacity and distribution. Suppose the inventory for either raw materials or manufactured is not optimised or managed correctly. In that case, it can cause a fortune for the business.

    If we look at the recent pandemic, the businesses that have managed their inventory optimally are blooming now. The inventory management module can drastically reduce the wastage of raw materials and the final product. It also keeps the owners and managers aware of the inventory status in real-time.

  4. 4. EHS module

    Under the roof of any manufacturing unit, the risk of hazardous situations arising has high chances. To ensure a safe work environment for all workers, it is vital to leverage the EHS module for manufacturing businesses.

    The EHS module lets you take care of workplace safety and employee health in many ways. Some advanced AI-based software even has features to maintain a certain level of mental health wellness of employees.

    Depending on the operations of your manufacturing business, there might be some more critical modules as well. Those mentioned above were the must-have modules for any manufacturing business regardless of size, nature or geography.

If you want to understand better what more you can have in custom software for your manufacturing business, then feel free to contact us. Our experts will assist you soon.

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