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Common Misconceptions about working with Staffing agencies

Staffing agencies are the backbone of human resource supply in the industrial and corporate world. A report by American Staffing shows that 16 million jobs were created and filled by staffing agencies in the US annually pre-pandemic.

If you have ever been involved in recruitment processes at your organisation, you will be very well aware of why staffing agencies are so important. Despite the skyrocketing need for human resources in industries like IT, Manufacturing, Finance and more, businesses are still holding back from associating with staffing agencies.

The myths and misconceptions about working with staffing agencies have made business owners ignore the benefits. We have compiled a list of top misconceptions about staffing agencies. In this article, we have tried to bring out the truth and bring you more clarity to make informed decision-making about staffing agencies.

  1. Myth #1: Staffing agencies are only for hiring entry-level resources

    This myth has been formed since the early days of staffing agencies. This was true in the initial years of the staffing industry. In the initial days, staffing agencies were sourcing and filling up only for the fresher jobs and a few other admin roles. But how relevant is it in today’s scenario?

    Staffing agencies are a great way to fill entry-level jobs, but they are also an excellent choice for hiring experienced candidates. Currently, staffing agencies also take care of the training, compliance, transition, and other benefits. Staffing agencies also have access to a pool of vetted and experienced resources. That way, letting you hire professional resources faster and smoother.

  2. Myth #2: Staffing agencies are not cost-effective

    It is a common belief that having a middleman always costs more in any transaction between two parties. However, this doesn’t hold for staffing agencies. When we look closely at the staffing companies and their business model, we will find how the complete business model is designed to create a win-win situation.

    Staffing agencies completely mitigate your compliance, infrastructure, and training costs for the hired resources. They also take care of all the replacements and hiring processes whenever needed saving your time and letting you focus on core business activities.

  3. Myth #3: You don’t need a staffing agency if you have an HR department

    This is the most common myth that stops any business from associating with a staffing agency. The actual scenario is the complete opposite of this myth. Staffing agencies can complement your in-house HR department and remove redundant tasks from their plate.

    The in-house HR department can focus more on employee well beings and performance enhancements. In contrast, the staffing agency can replace hiring, compliance, training, and procedural tasks.

  4. Myth #4: There’s no stability of resources with staffing agencies

    The stability of hired resources is very subjective. If a resource is unstable, it won’t matter if they are employed directly or by a staffing agency. They will abscond. But there’s a benefit on the flip side of this. If a resource absconds while working with a staffing agency, it is their liability to do a quick replacement without a work stoppage.

    Thus leaving you with zero worries about getting the work done and hiring a replacement as soon as possible. As staffing agencies have access to a large talent pool, it is comparatively more accessible for them to do replacements than your in-house HR team.

Above is a list of top myths and misconceptions business owners have about staffing agencies. We hope this article has helped you understand the staffing industry better and cleared these myths.

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