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With MSBC’s logistics technology, existing processes can be transformed into intelligent, automated processes enabling increased efficiency within your operations.

MSBC's Logistics Technology

MSBC's Logistics Technology

With over a decade of experience worldwide in logistics technology and providing ERP solutions, we are subject matter experts in solving some of the most complex challenges within the industry.

ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions

Our technology solutions add value to existing systems from the first customer touch to execution of delivery on goods and services.

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Our Logistics Solutions include

Transportation ERP


End to end software solutions automating and digitizing all business processes into a unified platform tailored to the needs of the organisation.

Transport Planning

Transport Planning

Managing fleets, loading, route planning and documentation to allow optimum use of resources.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Workflow and process support functions from handheld devices.

Transportation Integration


Connecting disconnected and disparate systems to allow seamless use of systems and data.

Transportation Integration

Tracking Solutions

Asset tracking solutions from barcodes, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID & GPS solutions.

Transportation Integration

Warehouse Management

Storage solutions for multi-asset and object storage.

Transportations Surveying


Unique surveying tools to allow accurate estimation and supporting operations.

Image Recognitions

Image Recognition

Creating training models to allow the ability to reduce physical checks and counts through object detection.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Harness curated data with actionable insights, transforming them into reports, visual charts and graphs to empower data-driven decisions.


Security with

We understand the sensitivity of the systems and data we have access to as part of enabling our services and therefore we have implemented industry best practices and ensure that our information security systems are always up-to-date with the latest technological advances and developments in information security. This allows us to adhere to contractual and legislative requirements and this includes not compromising the confidentiality, integrity, availability & authenticity of our clients’ data.

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