Our wealth of experience coupled with our client’s expertise
and Drive to digitise age-old process has allowed us to deliver bespoke
systems with highly configurable workflows giving
our clients a leading-edge

The construction industry is seeing a major transformation. Digitising construction technology is on the rise, and has been helping companies become more efficient with their resources.

Modern Tools

Modern Tools

Today’s construction leaders are applying new technologies to increase productivity, manage risk, and improve the health of their workforce. Technology changing the way they think about their business and what they are doing to stay competitive and many organizations have become reliant on software tools that can give them a competitive advantage in a global market.

Construction Contracts

Construction Contracts

MSBC holds a wealth of experience in construction has supported many organizations in their vision for digitisation and product development. Regardless of the size of your operation we have solutions for small contractors, main contractors, suppliers & PMC’s which we can tailor to the specific needs of your unique operation.

Increasingly Quality

Increasingly Quality

Fabricators & Manufacturers alike the construction industry are becoming more reliant on software technology as well. Direct improvements & ROI can be achieved through decreasing production time, increasing quality, lowering costs & improving customer experiences.

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

Our diverse experience in manufacturing has allowed us to be pioneers in providing software technology solutions to our clients from order management to advanced business intelligence; our tailored solutions provide constant operational and financial efficiencies.

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Our offering to our manufacturing and construction clients are bespoke to their needs and cover:

Quantitative Research

Bespoke Software Development







Digital Transformation


Product Development


Business Intelligence


BPO Services

Dedicated Bandwidth

Fenestration ERP Solution

DW-ERP, by MSBC Group, is a solution designed for doors, windows and façade fabricators to manage the day to day processes. From Orders, Factory Tracking and Capacity Planning to Deliveries, Stock and Finance, DW-ERP augments small & medium fabricators with its simple and effective features driving cost/time saving, operating efficiencies and level of control.

Dedicated Bandwidth

Saifety.ai is an AI enabled Safety Management Platform for high risk industries. A mobile first platform using “Conversation” to revolutionize the way Health & Safety is managed.

It utilises Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology to streamline the data capture, analysis and distribution of information in a Safety Management System.

Glass Processing:

Our in-house glass subject matter experts have been providing glass processors with software and process outsourcing solutions for over 15 years. Our services & solutions include:

BPO Services:

Bespoke outsourcing services with expertise in Manufacturing & Construction

MSBC provides cost and time saving solutions from its BPO services to better enable your in house team operations.

Manufacturing & Construction process outsourcing services:


Security with

We understand the sensitivity of the systems and data we have access to as part of enabling our services and therefore we have implemented industry best practices and ensure that our information security systems are always up-to-date with the latest technological advances and developments in information security. This allows us to adhere to contractual and legislative requirements and this includes not compromising the confidentiality, integrity, availability & authenticity of our clients’ data.

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